Dwarf Mines is a PC multiplayer game where you start as young miner on your quest to rebuild your ancestors massive facilities above and below the surface.

On your dangerous journey down to unknown regions you’re the one to reveal the secrets of a forgotten world – a world of wisdom and technology beyond today’s imagination.

But eventually you’re about to uncover the truth of their downfall. A truth creeping in the shadows below the known world.

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Latest News

Pre-alpha 0.3: accomplished!

Slowly but steadily.. I guess this is the best way to describe the development of Dwarf Mines. Today I want to announce the completion of pre-alpha 0.3. As planed the game can now be played via internet on a dedicated...

Goodby 2018 – Final remarks

Hi 2019! I hope everyone had a few nice days between the years and that a great new one is coming. The last year was a very busy one for me. Beside working on Pre-alpha 0.3 I also did some...

Pre-alpha 0.2 – Screen space sub surface scattering – masked per pixel

Hi there and welcome to a new development update. This time I want to talk about skin shading or more generally speaking: sub surface scattering (SSS). SS-SSS I had already implemented a solution for SSS on a per object basis...

Pre-alpha 0.2 – A closer look at Engineering 2.0 – Goods

Hi and welcome to this development update! Before I start I want to give a short update on what I was working on the last few days. First I settled for itch.io as my patcher and hub during the pre-alpha...

Pre-alpha 0.2 – To the core of things

Welcome to this development update. This time we look at what has changed beside the engineering 2.0 update. Less noticeable but absolutely relevant for the success of the further development. Triplanar world mapping The code which is procedurally generating the...

Pre-alpha 0.2 – A closer look at Engineering 2.0 – What is what

Hi everyone! So this is the first part in a series of “closer look” development updates. They are meant to give you a better understanding of the basics behind engineering 2.0. This time I’ll outline the principles of construction, production...